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Marketing Funnels

Marketing Funnels are absolutely essential in todays day and age. Whether you are marketing online or off, sending your prospective customers through a step by step process that educates them on your product or service will make a massive impact on the overall success of your business.

Marketing Funnels fulfill needs on both sides of the coin.

From the customers side, they get educated on your products and services and why they should be doing business with you.

From your side, you are able to collect contact information from your prospective customers which allows you to Automatically follow up with them via email, text and social media.

Landing/Capture Page
Landing/Capture Pages are the first step in the Marketing Funnel. This page is your introduction to your product or service. This page works best with a short, energetic marketing video that gives your prospective customers a high level overview of your product/service.

On this page there will be a simple form that asks your prospct to provide their name, phone and email address to gain access to more information about your product/service. This form can also be incentivized to give your prospect an incentive to leave their contact information.

This page is the most important page in your Marketing Funnel as it is your first impression. Making sure that your first impression is consistent accross all prospects is vital to your companys name and brand.

The Confirmation is the second step in the Marketing Funnel. This page is absolutely vital in the Funnel as it walks your prospects through the process of confirming their contact information.

When your prospect Opts in, they will receive a Confirmation Email. Once they click on the button in this email, this creates what is called a Double Opt-in. Which means you are only working with Real People.

This page ensures that the follow up emails and text messages are only being sent out to people who have verified their contact information.

Thus giving you a list of REAL Prospects.

Sales Page
The Sales Page is the page you ultimately want your prospective customers to get to. Getting to this page means that they have opted into your Landing/Capture page and they have Confirmed their contact information.

This page should have a strong video presentation of your product/service or opportunity that explains in detail why they should become a customer or business partner.

This page is personalized with your name and contact information as well as links to your product/service or opportunity.

Email & Text Responders
As Soon As Your Prospect Opts Into Your Capture Page and Clicks on the Confirmation Email, they are Automatically Setup on a Campaign of Follow Up Emails and Texts.
(If they Opted for Text Messages)

This Campaign of Follow Up Emails and Texts are all Personalized to Each Individual Prospect and Have Links Back to Your Website!

This is an Absolute Essential tool as it keeps your product/service in front of your Prospects for 3 weeks after they request the information!

Now That's POWERFUL!

Email & Text Notifications
As a Business Owner, it is important for you to know when you should be contacting your prospects. Anytime a prospect confirms their email address or texts in your Keyword, you will receive an email and a text notification with that prospects contact information!

These are REAL TIME Notifications so you know exactly when to reach out to your prospects.

Building and Fostering your relationships with your prospects creates a strong foundation for long term growth.

Communication is the Key to Long Term Success!

Keyword Text Marketing
KEYWORD's are an Incredibly Powerful Text Marketing Asset! The fact that we have become a Mobile Society and have all the information we could ever want or need at our fingertips, having a KEYWORD Text Marketing Platform is Incredibly Powerful!

With this system, you will select a KEYWORD that will be attached to you on our Texting Phone Number. This KEYWORD will be unique to you.

You then simply have your prospects text your KEYWORD to our phone number and it will instantly opt them in, send them out your link to the Sales Page in your funnel and schedule the Text Responder to begin the Text Follow-Up Drip Campaign!

Instant Information Delivery via Text!

Back Office
The Back Office is a Back End Powerhouse! This Mobile Responsive Back Office Manages your list, Automatically Follows Up with your Prospects via Email and Text and Notifies You when you should call your prospects.

This is where you will be able to see exactly who has opted in and confirmed, how many Callbacks you have, manage your lead share rotator and much, much more!

This system does it all for you!

Lead Share Rotator
The Lead Share Rotator is a Duplication POWERHOUSE!

This isn't just some simple link rotator, OH NO!

Not only does the Lead Share Rotator give you the Ability to Share your Opt-ins with ANYONE in your Organization*, it has a Compounding Factor that will Share your Opt-ins through Multiple Generations of Rotators!

Set yours up, have your team set theirs up and the leads you generate automatically rotate through their rotators!

This is The Definition of Duplication and Teamwork!

*Must have an Account to Receive Shared Leads.

Referral Program
Want to get your Account for FREE?

Signup for your account, refer 3 Members to signup for an account and your account is FREE! No More Monthly Fee!*

Systems are Duplicatable

Referring Members to use the toolset the system brings to the table, encourages and promotes Duplication, Growth and Common Team Focus.

And the best part, Refer just 3 and yours is FREE!

Fully Customized Video Marketing System!

We Build it, Host it and Support it. You Simply Share it with Your Team!

Take Your Business to the Next Level!

Having a Duplicatable System for generating leads that Automatically Follows up with your prospects is absolutely vital to marketing success and ultimately the growth of your business. We take all the guess work out and provide you with a plug and play system that gives you the ability to capture, confirm, present, follow up and share leads with your team.

Here is What we Provide:

  • ZERO Upfront Out of Pocket Expense for You!
  • Custom System URL!
  • Custom Funnel URL!
  • Custom Landing Page Video!
  • Custom Presentation Video!
  • Email Autoresponder with Follow-Up Email Campaign!
  • Text Responder with Unique Texting Phone Number!
  • Keyword Marketing System!
  • Mobile Friendly Back Office!
  • Unlimited Lead Share Rotator!
  • 3 and FREE Referral Program!
  • Live Chat Support!

Multi-Faceted Funnel Marketing Platform!